A Well-Written Example Of An Essay About Love

Writing about love could fill you with emotion and bewilderment at the same time. You may be stuck on what to write and which part to touch first. To help you with the paper and give you a feel of what should a paper on love look like, here is a short example paper on the stages of love. Hopefully, reading this will trigger some original ideas in your own mind. Read on.

Love: the chemistry and biology

Most emotions revolve around these two principal branches of science. Well, it all involves some physics in the later stages. But this is where the tale begins. The chemistry exists in both literal and figurative terms.

Biology regulates much of the body attraction that exists between couples. This is where most people start experiencing a series of emotions and do not look back from here.

The honeymoon period

This is basically the time when the other can do no wrong. If you really need help with essay, this is the part that you should be focussing on. This will make sure you realize that the things you are looking for aren’t just slight adventures, but real emotions.

Help yourself with some reading and if required, take some expert advice too. Do not leave this till it is too late.

The demand-expectation equation

Once two beings settle into a relationship, the demands and expectations slowly start kicking in. This is officially where the honeymoon period ends and some real emotions start kicking in:

  • Competition and jealousy are observed
  • People start taking small matters more seriously
  • Possessiveness gets the better of demeanor
  • Small talk seems to dwindle

Most people do not realize when this period starts and when it goes a little out of hand.

Great expectations versus the small ones

Expectations start growing from each other right from the first day two people fall in a relationship. They expect each other to remember small details that are dear to them. Also, there will be many occasions when they will want to get things done without being vocal about it. Expectations make way for both pain and joy. They leave some bereavement in most cases.

Who pays the bigger price?

At the end, there is much scope for analyzing on who has to suffer more and who gains from being in a relationship. While different people have different approaches to this, there are people who believe that the best way forward is to let couples do their own talking.

This is one way that helps most people stay in relationships for long.

Does all really end well?

While love is not only between a couple, most necessary connotations indicate the relationship between two totally unrelated people who move on to spend life together and discover some of its deepest meanings in common pursuit.

There are many occasions when people who would let their own relationship and consistency do the talking. For other occasions, there is always some room for counselling and patching up. Who does not want a happy ending?

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