Free Online Tools That Can Help You With College Homework

All students with they had someone to ‘help me do my math homework’ sometimes. This is especially true for students who struggle with certain subjects and students who have jobs, extra-curricular activities, or a social life to fit in around their homework. College is often called the ‘most stressful’ time of a student’s life, for this exact reason. The next time that you find yourself in need of assistance, check out these free online tools.

  1. Spelling and Grammar Checkers
  2. Many writing programs have spelling and grammar checkers directly installed. However, they mostly check for simple errors. This means that they often miss a few errors and that they do not check for readability. There are free programs on the Internet that check for all these things. With this useful tool, you will spend less time editing that you ever have in your life. You will also complete the proofreading stage of the writing process faster than you ever have before.

  3. Tutoring Services
  4. Whether you need help coming up with science homework answers or need tutoring in math, there are free online tutors. The best place to look is on the websites for your school or your local library. If this doesn’t turn up any help, check out organizational websites. Remember, if there is a ‘trial period’ or if you need to provide payment information for a free service, it could be a scam to access your payment account.

  5. Online Video Services
  6. Another easy tool that can ‘help me with my homework’ is online videos. It is not uncommon for professionals or experts to publish videos to help the average Internet user understand subjects like math, science, English, physics, and so much more. The advantage of watching a video is that you can pause it when you need to think about what is being said and you can rewind it when needed, unlike during a teacher lecture. Additionally, you can see a visual representation of what you are learning about in most cases.

  7. Answering Services
  8. These types of services are as close as you get to having to pay someone to do math homework or other assignments, without it costing you a dime. Ideally, you should post the questions as far in advance as you can. You cannot always guarantee that someone will find your question in a timely manner. Something else to keep in mind is that anyone can answer the questions, so always check for credentials before assuming that something is right. You should also take the precautions of checking the answer yourself before submitting it to your professor.

  9. Math Calculators
  10. When you find yourself saying, “I need help with math homework”, think about what you are doing and if a calculator will help. The useful thing about math calculators is that you can find them for all kinds of problems. You can find varieties for the quadratic formula, simple equations, determining area and volume of shapes, doing math with fractions, and more. All you have to do is input the numbers where they need to be and then click on ‘calculate’. You can even find these calculators to help with advanced subjects like compound interest in calculus.

Finding your next homework helper is as simple as getting onto the Internet. If you know what you are looking for, then finishing your assignments in an accurate and timely manner will be no problem. Also, do not be afraid to step outside the realm of these tools and look for others- there are plenty of options for finding answers and help for your college assignments online.

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